Karin Slaughter – Fractured

Fractured is the second novel in the series of books by Karin Slaughter featuring Will Trent.

This story had a publication date of July 29, 2008.

Fractured Book Description

Ansley Park is one of Atlanta’s most upscale neighborhoods — but in one gleaming mansion, in a teenager’s lavish bedroom, a girl has been savagely murdered.

And in the hallway, her mother stands amid shattered glass, having killed her daughter’s attacker with her bare hands.

Detective Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is one of the first on the scene. Trent soon sees something that the Atlanta cops are missing, something in the trail of blood, in a matrix of forensic evidence, and in the eyes of the stunned mother.

When another teenage girl goes missing, Trent knows that this case, which started in the best of homes, is about to cut quick and deep through the ruins of perfect lives broken wide-open: where human demons emerge with a vengeance.

Karin Slaughter Fractured

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