Karin Slaughter – Busted

Busted is a short story featuring Will Trent by New York Times bestselling novelist Karin Slaughter.

It’s the prequel of Unseen – a novel that was the 7th book in the series – and had a date of publication of May 28, 2013.

Busted Book Description

Detective Will Trent is standing in a Georgia convenience store, waiting on an obstinate Icee frozen drink machine. To the surveillance cameras and bored staff of the Lil’ Dixie Gas-n-Go, however, Will appears to be someone very different — the menacing ex-con Bill Black.

Going undercover as Bill, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent is about to infiltrate the most corrupt town in the most corrupt county in the new American South. But first: his Icee.

Everything changes in one horrific instant, as all hell breaks loose at the Lil’ Dixie.

A cop is shot.

A bag of cash goes flying across the floor.

A young woman disappears while a killer takes off in a battered pick-up truck.

Within seconds, Will is in pursuit.

Karin Slaughter Busted

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