Karin Slaughter – Beyond Reach

Beyond Reach is the 6th book by Karin Slaughter in the series set in Grant County.

Beyond Reach is the title of the book in the US – in the UK, it’s called Skin Privilege.

This novel had a release date of July 31, 2007.

Beyond Reach Book Description

In a stifling hospital room in a small Georgia town, Detective Lena Adams sits, silent and angry — the only suspect in a horrific murder.

Soon, a hundred miles away, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver will get the call that his young detective has been arrested. And Jeffrey’s wife, pediatrician and medical examiner Sara Linton, has troubles of her own and little patience for Lena or her dramas.

Fighting a heartbreaking malpractice suit, Sara cannot guess that within days she herself will be at the center of a bizarre and murderous case.

For Lena has fled back to the place where she grew up hard, careening back through the shadows of her past and into a shocking underground world of bigotry and rage.

And now only Jeffrey and Sara can free Lena from the web of lies and brutality that has trapped her — as this powerhouse of a novel races toward its shattering climax…and a final, unforgettable twist.

Karin Slaughter Beyond Reach

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